Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gray Before My Eyes 7"

Some friends of mine are on tour from Australia and are currently wrapping up their two weeks here in the States. I couldn't join them for their last show in Baltimore tonight because I had to be responsible and get some schoolwork and studying *yawn* done. As I'm waiting for them to get back to Philly so I can be a good friend and tuck them in (see: make them drink some more of my home brew and do some friggin' laundry before they head off to England to play some more shows), I thought I would make a quick post.

This is a two song seven inch that came out in 1996 on James Burnham's Moo Cow Records, which by now you're probably familiar with. It's a bit of an interesting one, too. As you can see below, the insert of this record has a ton of important information pertaining to violence against both women and children. Gray Before My Eyes, who hailed from Florida, had members who went on to be in another Moo Cow-related band named Song Of Kerman.

In addition to the insert including the type of info I mentioned, the lyrics of these songs are about the same topics. The first song, Raze, clearly illustrates what the vocalist would do to a particular gentleman who, at some point, did some fucked up things to a women close to the singer's heart, given he had the chance to. The recording quality of this slab of wax is pretty damn near perfect for this screamy style of, say it with me now, "emotional hardcore". Granted, it's been quite awhile since I've put this record on my turntable, but the music here is honestly much bit better than I remember it being when it first came out. I would recommend this to kids who are into like minded / styled bands such as Stickfigurecarousel, Inkwell, or early Julia.

My copy comes on white vinyl (out of 100), and has white labels with handwritten song titles in black ink. It is Moo Cow #16 and is a good listen.


1) Raze
2) Hatelust