Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mid Carson July - "Turn the Radio Down"

This is the debut 7" by Northumberland County, Pennsylvania's emotional hc / college rock / pomade-endorsing heroes Mid Carson July, who included ex-members of an earlier band called Deckard. I've been to this central part of our state before, and there really isn't much going on outside of what I guess would involve consuming meteor crater-sized amounts of Yuengling Lager, hunting (I hope that bear eats your face), shooting guns, and/or camping. Or just hanging out in the woods really, because that is all there is over yonder. I mean, there is a place about two or three towns over from Shamokin that has continuously been on fire since the early 1960's. Thankfully, these dudes didn't get hooked on meth (I don't actually know this, I'm just blindly typing away over here), but instead kicked out some sweet, sweet rock tunes that gave them the label of being the "Get Up Kids of the Keystone State", which I just came up with right now, not in 1997. If that dubious title doesn't deliver right to your brain an accurate idea of their sound, then I'm not going to explain it to you.

The lyrics were about girls and other nostalgic stuff, but mostly just about girls. These three songs were recorded in March of 1996 at Neptune Studios in Occaquan, Virginia, and this 7" was released as a split between the band's label and NY's Alone Records (AR# 3), which went on to put out records from The One AM Radio, Joshua Fit For Battle, All Else Failed, Jeromes Dream, The Assistant, as well as the "Warriors Rising" benefit compilation 7", which was released shortly before "Turn the Radio Down".

These tunes are both happy and sad at the same time. You know that cute indie-looking chick you've been diggin' on for the past two months, but haven't spoken to / made any sort of actual move on yet? The one with the short dark hair and glasses? Yeah, there's a pretty good chance she would like this band. So when you finally decide to stop being a gigantic pussy about things and make her that mix tape (and write her that note) this weekend*, include a few songs by these dudes. Hopefully she'll let you take her out for a milkshake, or maybe, just fucking maybe, she'll agree to go to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire with you^. Better make that note count, Romeo!

* this is the best idea you've had in at least five months.
^ this is the worst life decision she'll make for at least the next five months.

-go get her, tiger-

1) F.C.C.
2) Wallflower
3) Sanitized

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  1. I remember these guys... im from around that Shamokin area.