Friday, February 20, 2015

For The Love Of... demo cassette

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This is the best demo tape I've ever heard. The first time I saw For The Love Of... (also referred to as  For The Love Of and FTLO) was at the Princeton Arts Council in early 1996 and they delivered the fucking goods. They didn't have any demos with them at that show, but luckily I snagged one about two weeks later whilst record shopping in Philly. A couple of months ago I stumbled across footage of the bands entire set from that afternoon on YT, but my search for it is currently turning up empty. This sucks for you, because after listening to this phenomenal demo I'd bet a few dollars you'd be interested in seeing some quality footage of them.

Along with Floorpunch, this band and their bonkers live show helped turn the New Jersey scene on it's ass way back when. There are three metallic, well-recorded, intense as fuck heavy hardcore jams presented here for your enjoyment. They sometimes started their sets by busting out a sledgehammer and anvil (as heard on All Will Be Rid Of), so if you hadn't seen them up to that point it became pretty clear to you immediately that they meant business. Scott, the drummer, was pretty damn good and at one point the reso head on his bass drum had a pic of Eddie from Iron Maiden on it. I'm not sure who specifically it was, but FTLO had at least one former member of mid-90s NJHC band Strength 691 in the band, who I could never get into.

This is the best thing FTLO ever released, as most of the songs on the ensuing full length "Feasting on the Will of Humanity" (released originally by the band's own Signature Records in 1997, then almost immediately re-packaged and re-issued by Ferret Records in 1998) just couldn't match the intensity and rawness of these three bangers. Even the two songs from here that appear on the first proper release just didn't have the same punch. Additionally, this cassette features the original vocalist and also has some of the best use of samples I've ever come across.

The only info about the band contained in the demo's layout is the bands contact address, so no information on when or where these songs were recorded. A++ mosh-inducing metalcore. This demo cassette is one of the highlights of anything to ever come from the Elizabeth - Newark area, for sure, because approximately 97% of Northeastern New Jersey is an absolute fucking cesspool.

-Let's Begin Then-

1) All Will Be Rid Of
2) Flatline
3) Noreaster