Thursday, February 12, 2015

V/A - "Anti-Matter" compilation cd

This is definitely one of the better compilations from the 90s, in my humble opinion. I mean, it's right up there with the "All The President's Men" and "XXX - Some Ideas Are Poisonous" comps. The year was 1996, and Norm Arenas had spent the previous couple of years publishing the marvelous Anti-Matter fanzine, of which only four issues were written. He also played in the bands Shelter, Texas Is The Reason and 108; all of which, my dear reader, are bands you should already be familiar with. Most of the groups who appear on this cd had interviews that graced the pages of said zine, and the liner notes here are filled with snippets from those various conversations. The last issue of Anti-Matter (#6 - the additional two spots were 7" releases) was published over the summer of  '95, and this magnificent compilation came out in late '96.

Honestly, every track here is enjoyable, and some of them are very, very good. Furthermore, some of them are downright fuckin' astoundingly boss. Take a look at that band lineup, for chrissakes. Yeah, I know...I know. Released by NYC's Another Planet Records (this is #6), who reissued quite a bit of out-of-print stuff in their day.

In summation, you should go ahead and grab this if you've never heard it before. Then immediately scurry over to Revelation and buy the Anti Matter Anthology for some good reads.
And pronto, Tonto.

-thank you, 1996, for this gift-

1) Quicksand - "Shovel"
2) Gameface - "Everything I Do Is Wrong"
3) Outspoken - "Spark"
4) Supertouch - "Better"
5) Farside - "Moral Straightjacket"
6) 108 - "Arctic"
7) Snapcase - "Vent"
8) Threadbare - "Weatherman"
9) CIV - "Don't Gotta Prove It (Live)"
10) Garden Variety - "New Guitar Parts"
11) Undertow - "Kill"
12) Strife - "Circuit"
13) Chamberlain - "Magnetic 62nd"
14) Sense Field - "Shady Day"
15) Lifetime - "Theme Song For A New Brunswick Basement Show"
16) Mouthpiece - "To The Side"


  1. Also, Norm was in Ressurection too!

  2. Also, Norm was in Ressurection too!