Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Falling Forward - "Four Songs"

Goddammit. This CD5 (thank you, 1990s) by Louisville's Falling Forward is so fucking great, and it still rocks my balls off twenty (!!!!) years after its release. For those not familiar with this band, they played emotionally driven melodic mid-western hardcore that has always struck a chord with me. Excellent, sweeping vocals (and lyrics), wonderful musicianship and absolutely chock full of sincerity of character. This release compiles the 2 songs from the self titled 7" released on Doghouse Records (which this cd also came out on) and the band's two acoustic tracks from a split 7" with fellow Louisville natives Metroschifter (originally released on Initial Records, also in 1995).

After you check this amazing release out, I implore you to get your hands on Falling Forward's earlier "Hand Me Down" record afterwards, which is, by my estimation, overall a slightly heavier cd. In the end, these four songs equate to one of the better 90s emotional hardcore records, period. Recommended for fans of Chamberlain / Split Lip and/or more "rock" oriented stuff like Jimmy Eat World and Boys Life.


1) Wrap Around Suit
2) The Great Union Divide
3) Christensen Spring
4) Twenty Nine Sixteen Magazine

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