Saturday, August 1, 2015

Chokehold Reunion - Philadelphia, Pa

Here's some less-than-spectacular footage I recorded of the July 24th, 2015 Chokehold reunion show that took place at the Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia. Also on the bill that night was Florida's Morning Again and Baltimore's Noisem (who were both actually really good) as well as Pittsburgh's Eternal Sleep and Erie's Human Animal (who were both pretty awful). I genuinely felt bad for Morning Again to be honest, because they had to follow Noisem, who seriously ripped. I wasn't sure what kind of reaction they (Morning Again, that is) were going to get because I know they've been playing shows again for awhile now, and I didn't have a gauge on if people were excited or not. Thankfully, they pulled it off and kids were into it, moshing like complete fucking retards and going out of their way to kick other folks in the face / back of the head. Glad to see that the scene today is populated by mongoloid retards, just as I'm sure it was two decades ago, but I'm now (conveniently, I'm guessing) forgetting about. Anyways, I'm not trying to use this post to trashtalk those who wanna "dance", just those idiots whose goal is to act like complete douche bags while blatantly showing zero regard for other people in the audience.

Chokehold played pretty damn well for not having performed together since early 1996. Especially noteworthy was the execution of the songs by drummer Matt Beckman, who, let's be honest, played pretty sloppily on a few of the songs that appeared on various XchokeholdX releases. To quote my buddy Sam, "it looks like he practiced a bunch for these shows, or maybe he just got better". I was quite confident that I was just going to get all bummed out watching Chris Logan sing songs about veganism or straight edge when he clearly is neither of those things anymore (I ain't judging, I broke my edge in 2000, yo) but in actuality, didn't bother me at all during their set, nor did I really even think about it. I wished they played some of the jams from the Jawk 7" because it's a great ep, but hey.

Originally, I wasn't even planning to attend this show cause I'm old and bitter, but thankfully my pal Sean convinced me to stop being such a fucking boner and go. In the end I'm glad that I did.
Good times.