Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Time In Malta - "Construct And Demolish"

Time in Malta was a three-piece post-hardcore-y band from the San Francisco area. "Construct And Demolish" was released in 1999 on Escape Artist Records, which hailed from Downingtown, a town about 35 miles or so west of Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania (aka THE MOTHERLAND). More importantly than this, however, is the fact that Downingtown is home to Victory Brewing Company, which brews some pretty solid beer. I particularly enjoy their Golden Monkey (a delicious triple ale coming in at 9.5% abv) and Prima Pils ales.

Thiiiiiiissssss...I just never got into, but I found it in a box of old-ish cd's and thought to myself, "Hey, maybe someone out there is looking for this, or would enjoy it" The music is sort of progressive (I guess), as far as hardcore punk goes. Truth be told I could never could get into the vocals, not at all. This is the main reason I never listened to "Construct And Demolish" all the way through more than four times. The music moderately made me think of what would have happened if members of Connecticut's Cable (see an earlier post here) and maybe New York's 1.6 Band got together and started a new "project". It is pretty decent musically, but the vox just aren't my thing. Solid production, though via Toast Studio in SF.

Certainly post-hc, but nowhere near as enjoyable for me as, say, Into Another circa 1994 or fuckin' Iceburn circa anytime ever. This record is EA #4, and perhaps you may like it.

Try it out here

1) Swallowing Glass
2) Moment Of Clarity
3) Impasse
4) I Only Hope
5) Separation
6) Thoughts Like Rain