Monday, March 9, 2015

Lifetime - "seveninches"

This cd, self-released on the band's own Glüe Records, is the 5-inch version of the "Tinnitus" 7" (from 1994) and it compiles both the aforementioned record and the debut "Dwell" 7", their contribution to an Outback Records (based out of Melbourne, Florida) compilation cd (my copy of this was lost years ago) as well as an unreleased song, I think. Keep in mind that in between these two EPs, Lifetime released a very good candidate for my "Worst Record of 1992" award with their first full-length, "Background". It was so bad in fact, that it made me almost write this band off forever, since it was my first exposure to the band. Thankfully, upon hearing the "Tinnitus", my views towards the group quickly changed. They still remain one of my favorite bands in the history of all-fucking-time, a spot they have occupied since 1995 or 1996, or some shit.

I can never really make up my mind as to which of the two 7"s included here I like more; that answer probably changes every year. They were still trying to find their sound with both "Dwell" and "Background"... but they surely found it upon releasing "Tinnitus". Our planet, friends, is clearly a much better place thanks to this solidification. Oddly enough, the 11th track "Money", an Embrace cover, is listed on the back cover but isn't actually included on the cd (you big jerks!). This was released in Europe by Day After Records, and the two album covers feature differing band logos. Glüe #3.

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1) Isae Aldy Beausoleil
2) Ferret
3) StarSixtyNine
4) Ampersand
5) Secede
6) Dwell
7) Find
8) Souvenir
9) Gone
10) Tradition

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  1. I actually like the Background LP! It was maybe a time and Place thing? Dan's Crate halfstack volume would totally disappear and turn to only bass when ever he would palm mute. It was weird but cool sounding.