Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Prevail - "Curtain Call (discography)"

This disc compiles everything recorded by the severely under-appreciated South Carolinian six-piece Prevail. I was first introduced to these guys upon purchasing the Placebo compilation 7" (put out by Atlanta's Concurrent Records) in late '95 or early '96. The band pretty much blew me away when I heard their contribution to this record, "Nine". I eventually wound up getting my hands on a few of their other releases and was equally impressed.

I've always really enjoyed it when a band includes explanations for their songs in the liner notes with their releases, and Prevail usually did so. They played energetic, chunky and metallic hardcore with a clear personal influence, dual vocals and a d.i.y. mentality. Included here is a well done Judge cover (No Apologies), every song Prevail recorded from 5 different studio sessions (31 songs, close to 70 minutes of music) and a sound clip of the band dropping a serious reference to the best Christmas special ever, "Emmet Otter's Jug-band Christmas". All of these jams were recorded at the same studio with the same engineer, so the sound is quite consistent. If you enjoy Jihad, Nema, or even Jara you'll probably like this band too. Released in 1999 (I believe) on Hanged Hero Records, which was run by one of the members of Prevail.

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