Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Portrait - "s/t"

This is a self-released cd from Atlanta, Georgia's Portrait, and came out in the year 2000. The first 5 tracks here were released as a 10" from 1999 on Sanguine Records, tracks 6-8 are from the bands first 7", released in 1997, and the last track is an unreleased jam recorded in April of 1998. Really well done screamy emo complete with a viola and falling down screaming type vocals. You should get the idea. Fans of mid-90s bands such as Frail, Elements Of Need, Embassy or even Fingerprint should check this band out, if you haven't already. I still think the best band of this style from the great state of Georgia would be fellow Atlantans Inkwell (Lewis Lovely from said band recorded a few of these songs), but these guys and girl come in a close second. Scott McFarland, who played bass in Portrait, also ran seminal Atlanta label Concurrent, which released records from Serotonin, The Kossabone Red and the previously-posted-on-this-here-blog Prevail.

The stuff on this disc eventually reappeared on Portrait "Complete Discography" cd, which was released by Stickfigure Records a decade ago. Recorded January 1999, April 1998 and December 1997. Quality emo hardcore.

-if you go, please take your all-

1) Even Now
2) Quiet Company
3) Missing The Shore
4) Constellations Of A Star-gazing Iris
5) North Ebony
6) Knowing Your Friends
7) Once An Englishman
8) Something In Philadelphia
9) Always Sacred

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