Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Four Hundred Years | Live in Philadelphia

Here is a live set from Four Hundred Years, recorded at the fabled Stalag 13 in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 22nd, 1999. Sleepytime Trio and The Episode also played that night, and both ST3 and FHY were amazing as they always were. I don't remember much about The Episode's set, as I was not really into the band. They did, however, feature ex-members of Action Patrol, but you probably know that already.

This was recorded on a four track by my old friend Jay, who also captured the Sleepytime Trio set, which I have never heard. Dru Martin (formerly of Encyclopedia Of American Traitors, Spirit Assembly and eventually of Young Livers) played drums for Four Hundred Years at this show, and you can see how he put his own personal slant on some of Ash Bruce's drum parts. The band played at a friend's wedding the previous night, and they wore the same thrift store-purchased suits (I hope) they performed that show in. Additionally, Colin from This Day Forward gave me a copy of his band's first cd which had just come out at this show, and that was very nice of him. Decent sound quality here and a good performance equals a worthy listen if you're a fan of these guys. I didn't get my hands on a flyer for this show, but here's one from a different, completely unrelated Four Hundred Years show in Lancaster. Since I'm absolutely horrendous when it comes to most aspects of technology, I'm not sure if the songs will be in the correct order when downloaded, so I included the setlist below. You can organize it accordingly if you'd like.

-I miss you, Stalag 13-

Here is the setlist
1) Suture
2) Motion Sickness
3) Red Tape
4) Transmit Failure
5) An Hour Too Late
6) Philadelphia (a new jam at the time)
7) Penny For Your Thoughts
8) Life Support
9) Power Of Speech
10) Radio Silence
11) Architect

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  1. Saw them in Switzerland together wit Sleepy Time Trio. A show i will never forget.