Thursday, December 11, 2014

Encounter - "Lost"

Early 90s melodic straight edge hardcore from South Jersey (Cherry Hill, specifically). Really awesome, sonorous hc that is musically reminiscent of early Outspoken, minus the "gruff" vocals. This band fit in nicely with both the youth crew-influenced bands of the time (like Pennsylvania's Edgewise, or NJ neighbors Mouthpiece) as well as other bands like Worlds Collide or the aforementioned Outspoken. This, ladies and gentleman, is probably my favorite record of all time. As in ever. I started going to shows in 1992 and unfortunately never caught this band live. Looking back, that fact makes little to no sense because the band's hometown is about 45 minutes from where I grew up, right across the bridge from Trenton, New Jersey, aka America's grossest and most dangerous state capital. Regardless, the four songs on "Lost" are probably the best stuff these dudes ever did (edit: it fucking is) and this still gets played regularly by yours truly. If anyone has any live footage of this band, you need to let me know pronto, because I have never come across any.

The Jordan brothers used to operate Philly's Watermark Records, which released world class records by stellar bands like Lincoln, Threadbare, Conviction and Flagman, as well as the "Land Of Greed...World Of Need" compilation. Released on Redemption Records (also from Philadelphia, yo!), which was also a pretty great label back in the day, releasing stuff from Resurrection, TX's underrated Intent, Four Walls Falling and the greatest thing to ever come out of State College, Pennsylvania: Junction. This 7" was released first as a cassingle (fuck, remember those?) before it became available on vinyl and cd (as an equally now-obscure "cd single"). The fucking early 90s, man, I miss you so much! I own copies of "Lost" on cd (opened, but still shrink-wrapped after all these years) and vinyl, and pics of both are included below for your viewing pleasure. These songs were recorded at Don Fury's in NYC in June 1991. Still the best 7" ever.

- I'm lost in this cold-

1) Break Free
2) Surrounded
3) Unheard
4) Lost

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  1. Some interesting added history, Jason Jordon, (i think, maybe it was Joel?) was in the Oi band Mad Hatters as well, and Shared a singer with the (Suburban) Uprise (not to be confused with the North NJ SXE band form the late 90's, they were also from Newtown (see my Introspect comments!)

    The Jordon Brothers didn't seem very popular with some people... Check the "Jordan Brothers can suck it" jab on the It's for LIfe comp.

    They also had songs on the Horizon Hardcore Comp and the Voice Of the Voiceless Comp (which is a good song too!). You prob knew that, but didn't mention it, so just in case you didn't?