Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Eyelid - "...days infected"

Heaviness from California that took a page out of Unbroken's book and merged it with something that was more mid-90s "emo metal" and less "new school hardcore", if that makes sense. It does to me, so that's what you're getting. The vocals combined both gruff screaming with spoken parts, creating a cool dynamic that added to the metallic music (haha, holy shit that was masterful writing). I'm not saying the two bands necessarily sound familiar, but I'd bet the average fan of One King Down would also be into this record. Eyelid wasn't a Snapcase ripoff, however. This six song ep was released in 1996 on Southern Cali's Ammunition Records, a label that also put out stuff by 1134, Remain and Palefire.

The musicianship displayed here is a good bit better (what?) than your typical metallic mid to late 90s hc. "...Days Infected" is also way ahead of anything else this band ever did, at least the other stuff I own. A couple of these songs also appeared on the "Bleeding Through" 7" on Phtye Records, but sound better here. I saw Eyelid play one time in 1997 at a show in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania (see flyer below) where they were extremely out of place. I thought they were awesome, so I ended up grabbing this cd at the show and chatting with the guys in the band, who seemed pretty excited about the fact that they sounded like no one else on the bill that night. One of these dudes played in Strife years before this, so there ya go.

Additional trivia for you: the cover of Better Than A Thousand's "Value Driven" was taken at this show. The pic features a dude named Ray Mitchell, who used to really like Megadeth*, and is completely unaware of the fact that Ray Of Today is about to lay waste to his face by jumping on him most unforgivingly.

-we are not afraid to play with youth crew bands-

1) Statues
2) Despair Runs Deep
3) Abami
4) Second Savior
5) What Lies Between Us
6) Changeless

*This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as long as the records you enjoy include Rust In Peace.

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