Wednesday, December 17, 2014

V/A - "They Came From Massachusetts" compilation cd

As the name of the release properly indicates, this comp features a bunch of bands from Massachusetts. It came out in 199? on Big Wheel Recreation (BWR#4), which had a ton of success in the 90s and 00s. There are bands on here I was into at some point (Six Going On Seven, Jejune, TYF, Converge, Piebald - this era, when they were good and screamy) and bands that I wasn't (454 Big Block, Iris [not to be confused w/ Isis, bro], Blood For Blood).

Give it a listen, and then you make the call. I definitely played a show in early 1996 somewhere in New Jersey with Boxer, who are on this comp, though. Wacky.

1) 454 Bigblock "Born Human"
2) The Automatic Few "Voice Of A Salesman"
3) Bane "Both Guns Blazing"
4) Blood For Blood "Can't Heal"
5) Boxer "Thumbtack"
6) Cast Iron Hike "Shoot, Knife, Strangle, Beat and Crucify" *G.G. Allin cover*
7) Converge "Flowers And Razorwire"
8) Champale "Moral Rot"
9) The Doosies "Pyrite"
10) Iris "Splinter"
11) Jejune "Greyscale"
12) Miltown "No Matter"
13) Opposition "Better Days And Bad Advice"
14) Otis "All Set"
15) Piebald "Hillary Dresser"
16) Reason Enough "Eve Of My Awakening"
17) Ten Yard Fight "Drawing The Line"
18) Six Going On Seven "Method Actor"
19) Vehicle Birth "Coltrane"

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  1. I had this when I was growing up in Andover, MA and it was a huge influence on me for my budding music tastes. Thanks for sharing!