Wednesday, December 31, 2014

V/A - "The Tie That Binds" compilation cd

This is a pretty great comp that came out in 1996, and it clearly has loads of good bands on it. Along with the Anti-Matter compilation, this is one of the better V/A releases from that year. The Tie That Binds has earlier versions of songs that appeared on later releases from some of these bands (Frodus, Lifetime, Standpoint, Brothers Keeper, Rancor), a Ruin cover from Delaware's Walleye, as well as a live track from Mouthpiece ("The picture seeeeeeeeettttttttttts!"). It also features the best Backlash song, "Sustain". That jam seriously fucking rocks, and I like this recording much better than the version that appeared on their Second Coming 7". Moreover, If you like The Dillinger Escape Plan, this compilation has an Arcane song on it, which was a pre-DEP band. I'm about 99.1% sure the band pictured on the back is Autumn, and the cover art was done by Mike Ski, which should be pretty obvious to you if you were into hardcore circa 1998. Nevermore Records number 3.

-tomorrow sees you no more-

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  1. I had this comp and loved it. I bought it at a show in probably 96 or 97 in NJ and I still have it. Pretty sure Standpoint was selling them. I remember playing Orange by that band for a friend and decades later he would recall how he loved it so much. The mouthpiece and lifetime songs were the standouts as I recall but there were easily 10 very good songs here. Thanks for posting.