Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kurt - "s/t"

Kurt was a three piece band from Germany who played screamy, angsty hardcore that would probably appeal to fans of bands like Yaphet Kotto, Shotmaker, Yage, Drive Like Jehu, and/or maybe even the recently deceased Worn In Red. This disc is a digipack cd pressing of the bands first LP, two unreleased songs, as well as their contributions to the For Want Of.. comp 2x7", the Vita: Dez 94 - Feb 96 compilation, and finally, a song that originally appeared on their debut 7" from 1994. This cd was released by the notable German hardcore label X-Mist Records, and was the label that released all three of this rad bands full lengths.

The band's sound is reminiscent of Shotmaker in the way that both feature very "busy" bass lines, and the instrument is brought more to the forefront by being higher in the mix than most other bands. Great all around musicianship here, with solid drumming and a fuller sound than being a three piece would normally allow for. I've only met about three other people who listened to this band, which has always been pretty disappointing for me. I know mosh metal has always been pretty big over in Europe (ask the band Culture for details about that), but I'd be curious to know if these dudes had a prominent following outside of their home country. Oh well, thankfully for you this shitty blog exists. Kurt's final LP, "La Guard" (X-Mist Records, 2002) is also a really good listen, and might even be slightly better than this. If you're into any of the aforementioned bands, give this a go.


1) The Wait
2) Salt
3) Stayed Too Long
4) Car Drive
5) Minerals
6) Stroll Down Memory Lane
7) Feature Story
8) Wall
9) Community
10) Franklin
11) Groundless
12) Stifling