Thursday, November 20, 2014

V/A - "Remain Standing" compilation cd

This compilation was released by California's Pictora Pilota Records sometime in early 2004. Most of the bands that appear here play some form of screamy emo type stuff...some are clearly influenced by 1994-era emo, and some play a more modern, "grindy", heavier version. There are some interesting and weirdo noise jams on here, too (Word Up Bedroom Empire, Fresh Threats). A few of these bands you may already be familiar with if you were into this style of hardcore a decade or more ago. The layout of this disc is heavy on the color grey, and the liner notes list all of the appearing bands' contact information, where the songs originally appeared (if elsewhere) and a statement by Steven Whitright, who ran the label:

"sometimes escapism is necessary. it can be a much needed distraction from the problems that are constantly going on around us. we need to detach ourselves though, at least periodically, to react to the shit around us, intangibles...ideas, art, music, other forms of expression...are among the few things in life that cannot entirely be diluted/tainted by greed and other outside variables. they shouldn't be taken for granted. we shouldn't reduce them down to mindless forms of escapism. the only thing that arrogance, elitism, joke songs, faked sincerity, etc. could ever really accomplish is a detraction from something that is arguably one of the best ways of transcribing/transferring emotion/ideas."

                                                  Overall, an enjoyable listen.


1) Five Stars For Failure "Last words" (incorrectly listed on the cd as "Last monument")
2) Deadseraphim "Call my dad i quit the band"
3) Bright Calm Blue "Sources and procedures"
4) Mara'akate "My head is too small for that giant hat"
5) Instrument "All things considered"
6) An Albatross "The man eating pigs of madidi"
7) Phoenix Bodies "Lawn of decadence"
8) Choke Their Rivers With Our Dead "Crayons"
9) Fresh Threats "The formation of troops and sentences"
10) Jeremy From Boise "Hats off to due respect"
11) Letters In Binary "Open your mouth"
12) The Spirit Of Versailles "Recite this dialog"
13) Hospital "September flowers"
14) Word Up Bedroom Empire "Fttt"
15) In The Marrow Of Kings "Impatient"

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