Saturday, November 22, 2014

Index for Potential Suicide - "The Newest Youth Rebellion"

Here is the first and only full length by this South Carolina spazzy, grindy hardcore band, released by Ohev Records. The band was active during the late 90s and very early oughts, and the bass player from Index for Potential Suicide was also a guitarist in one of  The Palmetto State's best bands ever, Prevail. This album would appeal to fans of bands like I Am The Resurrection, Black Dice, Racebannon or Knives And Greenwater, the latter of whom happened to appear on a split 7" together released in 1998 by Witching Hour Records. It makes perfect sense that IFPS and Usurp Synapse released a split 7" on that label as well, a year later, given the bands propensity to play the more electronic-influenced (see: synth) style of screamo that was pretty popular at that time. The music on this full length was recorded during August and September 1999.

100% worth the listen for the songs "Eat Lightening, Crap Thunder" (the last 50 seconds of which I could listen to all day on repeat) and "Rock Out With Your Cock Out". While this probably won't be for everyone, it will be a rewarding find for those who can indeed hang with it. Extra points for the "Heathers" sample, too.


1) The Newest Youth Rebellion
2) Flavor Of The Month
3) Remote Controls and Mousepads
4) Eat Lightening, Crap Thunder
5) Global Injustice
6) Rock Out With Your Cock Out
7) Arriving At Suicide
8) Escape Unsuccessful
9) Death Toll Confirmed
10) Electronics, Sabotage and Surveillance
11) Escape From Uncle Bill's Lap
12) The Nine Envelopes Contents
13) How To Build A Silencer
14) Monoroid Manipulation
15) Silencer, Completed
16) 212, Fuck You

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