Saturday, November 22, 2014

Neglect - "Hang In There" ep

Heavy, hateful as fuck hardcore from Lindenhurst, Long Island, NY that really sends a message. That message being that the vocalist, Brian, is one extremely misanthropic individual. The lyrics are completely stuffed to the gills with hatred for other members of his species, and make you think to yourself, "Yo, if this dude wasn't singing in this hardcore band, would he already be dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound?" They deal with subjects like suicide, hating everything and everyone, and they often explain just how shitty living on planet Earth can be sometimes. There was a double-disc discography released many years ago on the German hardcore label Gain Ground Records, but the first half second of the song "Good For Nothing" is, for whatever reason, cut off on that release. Not so on the original version presented here, which came out in early 1995 on Chicago's We Bite America. These two songs were recorded on November 12th, 1994, and are fucking awesome.

The music is metallic and mid-paced hardcore that provides a solid backdrop for the cynical, depressive lyrics. The recording quality on these two tracks is much "better" than some of their other recording sessions, for sure. These are probably my favorite Neglect songs, and this record was my first exposure to the band. A word of warning: the song titles on these digital uploads from my cd might be backwards, so keep an eye / ear out for that when transferring them to your music player of choice, ya dig?

"It's a shame but a fact a bullet would fix this mess. This world fucked up and I refuse to pay its debts."

1) Pure Living Hell
2) Good For Nothing

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