Saturday, November 22, 2014

V/A - "Is the Human Heart So Selfish? A Benefit for Food Not Bombs" compilation cd

Pretty rad late-90s comp from an Athens, Georgia (I lived there from 2004-2010, nice little southern college town) label called 893. There are some notable bands on here and I haven't seen very much about this record on the internet, so here you go. The booklet that comes with this has a good layout going on; band pics, info on FNB and kids living in poverty, some personal writings (what 90s compilation would be complete without some of those?) and a fucking Curtis cartoon, which is something I had completely forgotten about.

This compilation features bangers by Atlanta's Quadiliacha and Aslund Constant, an almost ten minute jam by Cerberus Shoal, and what is arguably Griver's best song (fyi - the Griver / The Exploder split lp is really, really tight). The Twenty Seven Hours song "Dear You" also smokes, and they are probably known best for doing a split with Canada's Republic Of Freedom Fighters.


1) Orlock "Dressed up"
2) The Mike Douglas "Untitled"
3) Aslund Constant "Number Six"
4) Party Of Helicopters "There's A Bomb In My Food"
5) The Perpetual Sciamachy Theorem "Acquiring the Asymmetric Ear"
6) Griver "Postmarked Division"
7) Twenty Seven Hours "Dear You"
8) Wheeljack "Baton"
9) Cerberus Shoal "Broken Springs Spring Forth From Broken Clocks"
10) Blue Stockings "Bubble People"
11) Quadiliacha "What's Wrong With This Picture?"
12) The Forty Two "Sounds Age"
13) Bughummer "Bird Dog"
14) Full Scale Replicas "Raised"
15) Flack Scramp Tramauntra "Dueling"
16) Titus "The What Little Boys Are Made Of Trilogy"

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