Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spirit Assembly - "Welcome To Lancaster County" lp

If you've been paying attention to this blog at all at any point during it's short-lived existence, you'll know how much appreciation I have for the many rad bands that came from my home state of Pennsylvania. Spirit Assembly remains one of my favorite bands from the middle part of the 1990s, and has been a big influence on me whenever I find myself playing drums in a band. These dudes started out as a four-piece, recording a two-song 7" in early 1992 that came out on Millersville, Pennsylvania's Motherbox Records, as well as a second three-song 7" that was a split release between Motherbox and Ancestry (another great 90s d.i.y. label) which was recorded in April 1994.

After the release of these two records, the band's vocalist left, and the three remaining members continued on with guitarist Sam Stansbery and bassist Gus (Zach) Martin taking over and sharing the vocal duties. As a three-piece, they released a split with Atlanta's Car Vs. Driver (who were also good) as well as this longplayer. Dru Martin played drums, and he, along with Gus, went on to play in Encyclopedia Of American Traitors after the breakup of Spirit Assembly in 1996 / 1997. Dru also played drums for 400 Years while filling in for Ash Bruce in the set I posted here in December. Both Gus and Sam went on to play in the fucking amazing and short-lived Fields Lay Fallow, whose sole record you can find here. Sam eventually played guitar in To The Mean, a Philly area band which featured Scott Torguson, who had previously played in two awesome bands from California about a decade earlier: Sinker and Amber Inn. I'll probably get around to uploading the Amber Inn lp soon, so you can look forward to that, friends.

Regardless, here is eight songs-worth of important Pennsylvania emo hardcore history for you to check out. It comes highly recommended (by me) for kids who dig more driving stuff like Shotmaker, Car Vs Driver, Inkwell, Sleepytime Trio or Engine Down. "Welcome To Lancaster County" was released in 1996 on Yuletide Records, from Millersville, Pennsylvania. It was the label's fifth release and is Spirit Assembly's only full length. Enjoy.

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1) Simple Transaction
2) Continuity Without Question
3) Nameless
4) Convention Invention
5) Self-Appointed Outcast
6) Pop Acculturation
7) Manmade
8) Stain

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  1. Just picked this up in a record shop in Santa Cruz for $5. Best purchase I've made this month. Thanks for this!