Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sense Field cd

This cd, released by Revelation in 1994, is a compilation of the California band's first two eps (which were recorded in August 1991 and February 1992 and came out on Run H20 Records), as well as two unreleased songs. It came out shortly after the release of the first Sense Field full length, Killed For Less. Sense Field featured two former members of prominent Cali hardcore band Reason To Believe, but the new sound was far less hardcore punk-based and had its feet planted in more of a post-hardcore, alternative / emo sound. Jon Bunch's awesome vocals remained at the forefront of the band's sound though, just as they did in his previous band. The music is devoid of any fast parts and it showcases a more mature personality, with better songwriting and emo lyrics that your parents would have approved of, at least when compared to the other angry shit you were listening to in 1994. My mom didn't really care for Undertow, Warzone or Mouthpiece, but she really liked the second song on this disc, "Dreams". Way to go, Mom!

Sense Field's style of alt-rock clearly wasn't for everyone, but I'll be damned if this record doesn't rock my dick off. If you ask me, this earlier stuff was way better than the ensuing LP. Even though a few of these songs were re-recorded for Killed For Less, I like these versions better. This self-titled cd and 1996's Building are all you really need to know about Sense Field. Saw them in late 1995 or early 1996 in Princeton, NJ with Shades Apart and they were fuckin' outstanding.

The artwork on the cover of this album is a revamped version of similar art on the first Sense Field ep from 1991. Despite the Vedic artwork that is prominent on this release, the band were not of the Hare Krishna persuasion, as a few other noteworthy 90s hardcore bands were. This cd is Rev #37.

-for those who seem to care: Sense Field's only religion is music-

1) Trip Poem
2) Dreams
3) Sage
4) Chimney
5) Voice
6) Nova
7) Soft
8) Familiar
9) Ideity
10) Strung
11) Found You
12) River
13) Greater Than
14) First Things First

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  1. best band in the world, rest in peace Jon Bunch, always in our hearts.