Monday, June 15, 2015

Farside - "Keep My Soul Awake" 7"

Keep My Soul Awake is the debut record from Irvine, California's 100% awesome Farside. The songs here, although good, do not match up to later efforts from the band; particularly once guitarist Kevin Murphy (an ex-member of Headfirst and 411) joined 'em. If you think back to the last band you were in, I'm sure said band's early stuff didn't quite match up to your shit once you really started rolling, correct? Exactly.

Nevertheless, these four jams put the fledgling band on the map and everyone on Planet Earth should be pretty fucking happy about that."Third Person Paranoia" and "Keep My Soul Awake" have always been my favorite tracks from this seven inch, and probably will be become yours once you hear them, too. This slab of wax was a nice introduction to an eventually superb band.

Recorded during the summer of 1990 at Don Fury's in New York City.
Crisis Records #1.

- here -

1) Hero
2) Third Person Paranoia
3) Keep My Soul Awake
4) Boiling Over

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