Saturday, June 6, 2015

Jonah 7"

This is the only solo record from five-piece French Canadian emo band Jonah, who also released a split 7" with fellow Canadians Drift (which is in contention for being one of my favorite splits ever) as well as second split with The Weak Link Breaks from Virginia.

Jonah has a real spastic, chaos-filled style, but also had elements of doom (and some gloom) in their sound, very similar to early Ire, who - wait for it - also hailed from fucking Quebec. I'm not sure what was going on up there the great white north during the middle part of the 90s, but there were tons of really good bands who called Canada home. Jonah was definitely heavier than many of the bands they shared their time and place with, and this three song seven inch is a good one that is atypical of the "emo" style kids who got into the scene post-1999 would immediately think of. Jonah stuff always had a real epic feel to it, if that makes any sense. This is legitimate emotional hardcore, the kind that existed before corporations sank their teeth into it and turned it into a marketing tool geared towards kids who really loved eyeliner and *crazy* haircuts. There is a real rumbling bass presence on this recording, some spoken vocals, the occasional jangly guitar part, and loads of high pitched screaming. It's good, and if you're reading this blog I'd imagine you'd be into it just as much as I (still) am.

These songs were recorded in October 1996 in Toronto with Rob Sanzo, whose studio I mentioned in a recent post. The ep was released in early '97 on Anima Records from Ontario, the label that also released the aforementioned split with Drift, as well as the phenomenal Anomie full length.

Anima #4. If you enjoy this, you should probably look into One Eyed God Prophecy, too.

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1) Dormir Sous L'empire
2) Duality
3) Haunted By The Past

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