Monday, June 15, 2015

V/A - "All The President's Men" compilation LP

Some things just seem like they were made to go together: peanut butter and jelly, Canadians and ice hockey, Pennsylvania and delicious craft beer, and the 1990s and monumental hardcore punk compilations. This one is indeed one of the better examples, and it supplied us with songs by significant bands such as Julia, Ordination of Aaron, Hoover and Ugly Kid Joe. Whoops, I meant Hose.Got.Cable. I did, however, just listen to the UKJ classic "Madman" for the first time in I don't even know how long, so I guess we can blame my typo on that.

This 12" masterpiece is worth the listen alone for the first three tracks. This agglomeration of prominent emo bands is also notable for featuring a few dicks in the artwork, and for being my introduction to one of the best bands ever...SC's Assfactor 4. They start off the record with their utterly victorious "Closed Captioning For The Blind", and shit just straight up continues to rule from there. All the President's Men was released in 1994 by Old Glory Records, who fittingly released records by a few of the bands that appear here and, oh, was fucking awesome. This is indeed a label that should (and does) get mentioned alongside Ebullition, Mountain, Hand Held Heart, Watermark, Art Monk Construction, Kidney Room, Great American Steak Religion and One Day.

Chances are you may be familiar with this compilation already. If you aren't, then you, comrade, are in for a treat. I mean a real serious chest-slappin' goody. Goddamn, the Assfactor 4 and Julia songs are so super good, I promise. Peep it if you missed out the first time around, or remind yourself while you got into quality hardcore in the first place if you didn't.

Old Glory #12. 

- NGR means Old Glory Records -

1) Assfactor 4 - "Closed Captioning For The Blind"
2) Maximillian Colby - "Petty Fix"
3) Julia - "Forge In Wind"
4) Fingerprint - "Liberation"
5) Policy Of 3 - "Improv Culture Kill"
6) Hoover - "Breather Resist" (not the album version, it's from their demo)
7) Acme - "untitled"
8) Ordination Of Aaron - "Parthenon"
9) Shotmaker - "Pilot"
10) Hose.Got.Cable - "untitled"

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