Sunday, December 4, 2016

V/A - "How To Be A Hero" compilation cd

"How To Be A Hero" was the introductory release from Prizefight Records, an obscure label located on the outskirts of Saint Louis, Missouri which existed briefly during the tail end of the 90's and was operated by a really nice guy named Neil Simpson. This compilation was a benefit for Habitat For Humanity, and featured a pretty diversified lineup of bands, something that I've always appreciated with comps where this is the case. Styles included on "How To Be A Hero" range from melancholic instrumental pieces (Indiana's Ativin, who released a bunch of stuff on Secretly Canadian), midwestern-ish post-rock-tinged stuff (Nova Scotia), screamo (Delaware heroes Joshua Fit For Battle and Missouri locals Johnny Angel), interestingly weirdo indie rock (Paper Castles), really good indie rock (Cursive), indie rock featuring some off-key vocals in the chorus (Civic), yet another band named after a character from an outstanding, classic NES video game^ (Piston Honda) and more.

There are sixteen songs on here, so more than likely if you've got at least a passing interest in underground shit and have a somewhat decent taste in music, there has to be something here you'd be interested in hearing*. The manila envelope packaging is simple yet effective, and in case you can't read the text on the cover, it says "and then you thought you had no friends". My copy included an insert advertising two releases by a couple of bands that appear on this comp, Park and Civic. My apologies for the less-than-stellar liner notes picture in today's post, but it's the best I was able to do because I stink.

At the end of the day, this is an enjoyable disc which, when released during the summer of '99, was connected to a good cause. Prizefight Records #1.

* It is probably worth the download for The Firebird Suite's song alone, y'all.
^ I play in such a band.

1) The Firebird Suite - "The Pleasant Return Of Kerrazo"
2) 21 Union Square - "It Couldn't Be Me"
3) Park - "The Pandorian Adventures Of Dan Rosenthal"
4) Quell - "Aftermath"
5) Cursive - "After The Movies"
6) Johnny Angel - "Sweet Shop Savvy"
7) Civic - "Pincushion Flower"
8) Nova Scotia - "Achilles Heel"
9) 47 Ronin - "Something To Be Desired"
10) Baxter - "These Times"
11) Piston Honda - "For All The Bryn-Mawr Girls"
12) Paper Castles - "Miss The Sunset Rising"
13) Joshua Fit For Battle - "Song Three"
14) Penfold - "Chaper Two"
15) Joel Madigan - "Driven Drove Drought"
16) Ativin - "My Eyes Of Yours"

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