Monday, December 5, 2016

Chelsea's Gone Under cdep

Three songs (well, two plus an "intro" consisting of just under thirty seconds of orchestra music) made up of moody and abstract weirdness from members of Mainspring, Empathy and Manetheren, and a future member of Thoughts Of Ionesco / Triptych, Anchorage and Leaving Rouge. This might be a challenging listen for a lot of folks, but there are pretty interesting parts sprinkled throughout the two actual jams on this disc. The song titles are pretty self-explanatory; the first is an orchestra music intro, the second has lots of piano playing going on, and the third and final song is the grindy one with loads of feedback, more piano and a recorder (probably). This was released in 1995 by Nate Miller, who played drums on this here ep and bass in Empathy, on his Cascade Recordings / Cascade Records, and was sad labels first output. It's a little bit noisy, a little bit screamy, sometimes harsh and a bit different from what you might have expected it to sound like given the folks who did this. I'm going to guess that a good bit of improvisation happened during the recording of this ep.

Regardless, hats off to a bunch of hardcore kids who did something different and just enjoyed themselves. These recordings took place in May of 1995 with Tim Pak at Woodshed Studio in Oak Park, Meeeshigan, and is Cascade Recordings #1.

Smoke some drugs if that's your thing, and get down.

1) Orchestra
2) Piano
3) Grind

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