Monday, December 5, 2016

V/A - "Ourselves" compilation cd

The Omega, the same New York City label that spawned upon the world The Last Crime record (which, uh, fucking rules...see the accompanying insert pic) released this compilation of live stuff in mid-1997. Coalesce, Endeavor, Still I Rise, Disembodied, Converge, Fall Silent and Coercion all appear on this disc, which features a pretty nice recording quality taken from various live shows that occurred in '96 and '97 at various venues across the country. Includes a nice little insert with contact info for the bands, dates and locations of the recordings, a written piece by Ian Richer (who ran The Omega) revealing the reasons why he decided to release this comp, numerous Dead Poets Society samples (I've still never seen it), and a picture of a gentleman who I'm assuming goes by the name of Gordon appears on the cover.

Seventy minutes of live and mostly metallic hardcore from bands that were active two decades ago?

You're welcome.

1) --
2) Endeavor - "Kill Traitors"
3) Endeavor - "Luke Perry & The Sweat Lodge"
4) Endeavor - "Bleed Them Dry"
5) Endeavor - "More Milk, Please"
6) --
7) Coercion - "Bird Of Prey"
8) Coercion - "The Infection"
9) Coercion -"Armistice"
10) --
11) Converge - "Forsaken"
12) Converge - "Farewell Note To This City"
13) Converge - "Color Me Blood Red"
14) --
15) Fall Silent - "Unnecessary Decoration"
16) Fall Silent - "Broke"
17) --
18) Coalesce - "Cut To Length"
19) Coalesce - "A Safe Place"
20) Coalesce - "Gram Of Salt"
21) Coalesce - "Blend As Well"
22) --
23) Disembodied - "Expressionless"
24) Disembodied - "Epilogue" (named on the recording as "Skeleton Eyes" by the band)
25) Disembodied - "Eulogy"
26) --
27) Still I Rise - "Dead Ends"
28) Still I Rise - "Happy Endings"
29) --

-i've let myself down again-

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