Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Joshua cd

Time for some real talk, dawg. Let's be honest with ourselves; not every single record released by a label, no matter how great you think said label may be, is going to be a clear-cut winner. Furthermore, the whole reason I started doing this blog is to help expose folks to music that was (for the most part) released long ago that he or she may not have been exposed to until reading about it here. That being said, I don't do these posts for me, I do them for the kids, people like you! I'm not going to be crazy about all of the shit that appears here within the digital pages of Creation Of Minerals. This, my friends, is an example of one of those records.

Upon shitting my pants after purchasing two early Immigrant Sun releases; the Hourglass and Morning Again eps, I almost immediately mail-ordered this Joshua cdep as well as the first Immigrant Sun Records offering, the Sarin 7". Much to my chagrin, I wasn't really into either of these releases, and I wanted to be. The stuff Joshua was doing here reminds me not only of that Sarin record, but also the Massachusetts band Six Going On Seven, and maybe the calmer, quiter stuff from Staten Island's The Cable Car Theory, a band this label would eventually release a record for. Definitely some emopop stuff going on here, but I guess I'd just rather listen to Dahlia Seed, Samuel or, well, Six Going On Seven. I cannot say that this is a bad record, 'cause it's not; the recording is good enough, the layout is fucking sweet, there are lots of "rocking" elements to the music, but overall I just could not get into it. I think the vocals might be a bit too sing-songy for me (haha, what the fuck?). Yup, it's the vocals. I mean, the dude can sing, but...I dunno, man. You be the judge.

Hey, just 'cause I'm not into this shit doesn't mean you won't be, right? So, check out some mid-90's college rock with some "sing-songy" sweetly sung vocals from the shores of the Hudson River in Orange County, New York. The first four songs were recorded for this release at Sanctuary Studio, and the last two songs included on this disc were taken from the band's "Today We Flew Our Balloons" demo tape.

This cd is Immigrant Sun Records, I'm sorry, I mean Kill-003 and was released in 1996.

1) Lover's Quarrel
2) Forever
3) Disassociation
4) Kickstand
5) Impossible
6) Safe

- Orange County, NY emocore -


  1. I like this and the Sarin record. Did Joshua have some sort of SU connection? I know Sarin did. I don't know why I think Joshua did as well. It might just be people were into them while I was there...

    1. SUNY? You know, that's a really good question, especially considering how close their given hometown was to that school. I don't know the answer, but if you find out please let me know.

    2. Watership down was also part of the immigrant sun records releases, I robot's discography cd and With resistance Real hardcore kids have day jobs. Some good stuff if you havent heard of it

  2. I really love this record but I lost it ages ago. Do you know where we can find or download it?