Tuesday, January 31, 2017

King Slender - self-titled ep

Hey all. I just wanted to make a quick post here, and it's in regards to a new band I play drums and do vocals in. We're called King Slender, and we play a style of hardcore akin to loads of 90's emo hardcore bands you may already be familiar with.

Wisconsin's Parking Lot Records has just released a three song cassette for us, and we will be recording five new songs in April with Steve Roche (ex-Off Minor, Saetia, Books Lie, etc.) at his Permanent Hearing Damage studio here in Philadelphia. We're just starting out as a band, and we played our first show in December with more coming up in the very near future.

Here is a link to our bandcamp page (the three songs there are available for a free aka 'pay-what-you-want' download). We also have shirts available for any interested parties.

Finally, if you like what you hear and you're on f/b, feel free to toss our page a like.

Thanks, and I certainly hope everyone is doing well.

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