Friday, November 25, 2016

Puritan / Reversal of Man split LP

Released in 1996 on Arizona's outstanding King Of the Monsters (run by Michael Gentz), this was an early split from two bands who played that frantic, spastic shit we all love; Pennsylvania's Puritan (who hailed from the Poconos), and Tampa's Reversal of Man. Really good stuff here, and if you're into the records that Witching Hour Records started doing just after this split was issued, you'd (probably) be doing yourself a favor to peep this. If you are familiar with the aforementioned cult-ish label, there's a 94 to 98 percent chance you know both of these bands already, and know at least one of them well. Recommended for fans of Inhumanity, Makara, and/or Volume 11.
Reversal of Man was a bit more prolific than Puritan, but both bands showcase a similar hectic style on this joint effort. Mostly fast, rippin' emo hardcore that comes recommended by this dude, especially the Puritan shit. There are lots of song explanations and personal writings included in the liner notes to keep you busy for a minute, and the bands have been awarded, by me, some extra big ups for referencing "The Dukes Of Hazzard" and aliens.

The Puritan songs (side A) were recorded ???, and the Reversal of Man songs (side B) were
recorded ???. This album was King Of The Monsters #5.


1) Never Meanin' No Harm
2) This Is Medicine
3) They Say 81
4) To Fall In Love...
5) From Inside A Carousel (Whispering)

6) Pilot Gumby
7) Theory of Lamastra
8) Slingshot
9) Plaster of Paris
10) No Longer
11) Roswell

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