Tuesday, November 15, 2016

V/A - 403 Comp cd

This post is about the pretty highly regarded 403 Comp, aka Florida Fucking Hardcore, which was put out in 1998 by Schematics Records, a label which was owned and operated by Steve Heritage of Assück (and far less notably Jud Jud) fame. Tons o' bands you should be familiar with (Twelve Hour Turn, Hot Water Music, Discount, Reversal Of Man), and a few you very well may not be (Nineteenhundredandtwelve, Scrotum Grinder).

It's a compilation, there are tons of bands that hailed from Florida on here, some songs are better than others I guess, and this has been COMPLETELY OUT OF PRINT FOR YEARS, Y'ALL. Not included here are pics of the LP jacket and zine which accompanies this cd, mostly because Sean didn't feel like looking for it when he let me borrow this. You do, however, get one of the disc itself and the band list Sean wrote up years ago, which I'm sure made listening to this much easier.

Have a stellar day.

1) Reversal Of Man - "These Hills Have Eyes"
2) Tomorrow - "Rightasrain"
3) Assück - "Alabaster"
4) Strikeforce Diablo - "Spirit of '59"
5) Hot Water Music - "Where We Belong"
6) CombatWoundedVeteran - "Put Your Weight On It"
7) Cavity - "The Oblivionist"
8) Omega Man - "Life After Death"
9) Nineteenhundredandtwelve - "Six Feet Deep"
10) Early Grace - "Twothousandandtwenty"
11) Discount - "History Is History"
12) Dragbody - "Inhuman Likeness"
13) Twelve Hour Turn - "Little One"
14) Cease - "Insurmountable"
15) Hankshaw - "Maple"
16) Bird Of Ill Omen - "Sharpshooter"
17) I Hate Myself - "Caught In A Flood With The Captain Of The Cheerleading Squad"
18) Scrotum Grinder - "Hot Air, Not Fire"
19) Jud Jud - "Wah Wah Song"

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