Saturday, May 28, 2016

V/A - Redwood Records "A Collection" sampler cd

Redwood Records was a California indie record label which was active for close to a decade. The label put out records for numerous bands, including Kill Sadie, Sharks Keep Moving, Grendel and Inside, among others. There is (was) a ton of diversity to be found throughout the label's catalog of releases, and you can familiarize yourself with some of those artists with this ten song sampler disc. I don't remember how I came to own this cd, but my best guess would be that it came along as a free bonus with some distro order I placed many moons ago.

Anyone who was buying hardcore punk records during the 1990's can back me up here; almost every established label issued a free "sampler" disc at some point, and Redwood was no different. They put out everything from emo hardcore records (a re-pressing of a Julia 7", One Hundred Words for Snow), acoustic singer / songwriter type stuff (that Jay Buchanon ep) and loud rock records (Metroschifter, Inside, etc).

Saying that Redwood released at least one record you'd be into is a pretty safe bet to make.
No catalog info for this release, sorry.

1- Ex-Ignota "Amy's Day"
2- Impel "Derail"
3- The Killingtons "Thursday"
4- Metroschifter "Impossible Outcomes"
5- Inside "Jill Came Tumbling After"
6- Rocky Votolato & Seth Warren "Everything We Live"
7- Sharks Keep Moving "Jet's Jets"
8- Treadwell "Pour It Into Our Bodies"
9- Nemirah "Orange Crush"
10- Mara'Akate "That's A Long River"

- here you go -

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