Saturday, May 21, 2016

Forstella Ford - "Acebus Vs. Archer" 7"

I saw Wisconsin's Forstella Ford once, back in late 1999 or early 2000 at the Southampton Youth Center in -you guessed it- Southampton, Pennsylvania. I think they were touring with Jejune when I saw them but time has caught up to my memory quite a bit nowadays, so feel free to not quote me on that shit. However, I do remember that they were really fucking good. After their excellent set (during which they mentioned at least seventeen times that they needed a place to stay that evening) was over, I promptly coughed up some hard-earned money and bought this two song 7" from them. I also neglected to offer these four gentlemen a floor to crash on, but that's not my point. The point of this blog entry is to introduce you to the technical prowess of a band that was, uh, very talented WITHOUT having to sit through an entire full length's worth of songs. I guess you're welcome.

This austerely packaged slab of wax was released in 1999 by 404 Records, a label based in central Illinois, also known as the state where Raquel Welch, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Pryor and Jimmy fuckin' Connors were all born. Oh shit, have you ever heard of the 1998 film Star Trek: Insurrection? My ladyfriend is watching it right now and it is completely distracting me from this writing attempt, in a bad way. Man,,all of the original members of Forstella Ford used to play together in a band previous to this one named Only Airplanes Count.

I'd recommend this band to folks who enjoy Furnace, Knives And Greenwater, Capsule, Gospel, Yage, etc. The songs have a frantic pace and are well arranged, with solid songwriting. They are over quickly, and this short record indeed provides for a rewarding listen. These two songs were documented in March 1999 at Studio One with Chris Djuricic.

404 Records #03.

1) Asterix Legionaires
2) Hindsight Is 20/20

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