Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Aim Of Conrad - "The Intoxicating Sounds of Malcontent"

Aim Of Conrad was a sassy-pants band from Bucks County, Pennsylvania (the lower half) that played a pretty loud and straight forward brand of cheeky rock n' roll that eventually wound up trying pretty hard to resemble later-era Rye Coalition, which isn't really a bad thing. My old band played a couple of shows with these dudes circa 2000, the year this two song cd-r came out. They were all pretty nice guys, especially the guitarists Jack and Grant. Before this band existed, one of these dudes played in the Yardley skate punk band The Yokels, if that means anything to you. I doubt it does, so I'll continue.

I'm not sure if "The Intoxicating Sounds of Malcontent" (geez!) was meant to be a demo or a self released ep, but it's pretty decent stuff. I actually completely forgot that I owned this and haven't listened to it in 14 years or some bullshit, but about ten seconds after playing it I remembered the songs. Five Stars For Failure once played a show with these dudes and The Hex (who I really wanted to hate, but were super fun AND from Chicago) in Alexander T's basement in Reading, Pennsylvania during August of 2000. Maybe I'll throw the Aim Of Conrad footage I recorded in this post somewhere, maybe I fucking won't...I don't really know yet. However, before any of the aforementioned bands played their sets that afternoon, my band mate Justin almost had his back broken during a wrestling match by all around world-class superstar and probably best dude ever Rich Lee (RIP, homie). Justin also wrestled the infamous* Xiron edgeX (you remember AOL instant messenger, don't you?) the same afternoon, which you can watch for yourself below. All of the video footage was filmed by me, terribly. Alexander T eventually put out a few Aim Of Conrad records on his label Watson and the Shark.

Wrestling matches and making fun of The Hex during their set aside, if you enjoy your punk played with tons of sass, spunk and energy, this cd-r might just be for you. I will say that Matt the vocalist really liked to mess up / play with his hair a bunch during their live shows, which always sort of bothered me. This was recorded at MilkBoy by Tommy Joyner in Philadelphia. The first song also appeared on the Kickstart Audio compilation cd Pennsylvania, USA Volume 1, which I still own a few copies of and plan on uploading here one day real soon...probably.

The Reverend Vs Xiron edgeX

Rich Lee almost kills The Rev

Aim Of Conrad full set in Reading, Penna - August 2000

* to us, that is.

1) Fault Line Fracture
2) Sometimes Is Never Enough

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  1. Funny fact as I saw your Autumn review... George Autumn also eventually played guitar for Aim of Conrad and is on their "Whiskey Slowboat" ep.

    1. I actually completely forgot about that, good call. Didn't they change the name of the band shortly afterwards, as well?

  2. not sure you;ll ever see this comment, but 3/4 of AOC plays in this band now,