Thursday, April 6, 2017

Expanse fanzine - #2 and #3

These are the only two issues of Expanse I have in my possession, and they were given to me in late 1995 by my friend Matt Russell, a gentleman I was playing music with at that time. The pages of issue two are comprised of some serious personal writings ranging from depression, confusion to, you know, other introspective thoughts. Included are live photos (one per band) of Mouthpiece, Undertow and Unbroken.

Issue three has a bit more content to it than the previous installment. In addition to the personal writings that make up a large portion of Extent's constitution, this go 'round brings us interviews with southeastern Pennsylvania's Canon, Framework, Path Of Resistance, Samsara and Gatekeeper member Shane Durgee, and a couple of dudes from Soulstice, another edge band from Syracuse, New York. Some more live pics can be found spread throughout number three's pages, too.

Diy as fuck, and clearly an important venture to the guy who did this (that would be Laurel, Maryland native Michael Dyer). There's a really good chance I'll upload both of these zines as two separate downloadable PDF files in the near future, so check back in a few days if that is something which strikes your fancy, sweetheart.

Issue two:

Issue three:

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