Thursday, June 23, 2016

Griver cd

Our next example of visceral and energetic hardcore comes to us from the coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina. There are 8 songs on this five inch plastic disc, which clocks in around 25 minutes of playing time, and they are interesting, well played and well recorded to boot. These three guys put out a few records back in the day, including a dope 2 song 7" and an equally as noteworthy split 12" with The Exploder. They also had one of the better songs on the "Is The Human Heart So Selfish?" compilation I posted way back in late 2014 over here.

Listen, you're no dummy. By know you effin' know that I'm a sucker for bands that play this type of shit. Griver probably flew under the radar of more people than they should have, and that fact is precisely why this post is being written. This is the only full length exposition the band recorded, and the cd version you find here was given to us via Point The Blame Records, the Canadian label that may be best known for releasing the early Piebald record "Sometimes Friends Fight". This same label was also responsible for the Griver 7" I brought up in the previous paragraph, just so you know.

This is full, grooving, hectic and hard hitting meandering punk that has the right amount of heaviness, which contrasts the right amount of quieter passages. Plenty of changing, moving parts keep everything interesting, Dave Laney's vocal performance is always awesome, and that snare sound still gives me funny feelings almost every time I listen to "Scouting, May 8th". Really, I'm jealous of that shit for sure. This is arguably the best recording quality the band ever achieved as well.

These songs were recorded over the weekend of February 15th and 16th, 1997 in Chapel Hill at the yellow house. If you dig stuff that labels such as Old Glory, Level Plane, Great American Steak Religion or Inchworm were doing, I would bet you'd like this.

PTB #3. The vinyl version was self-released by the band under the Tyle Vora Records moniker.

1) The Letter I Never Had
2) The Underscoring Of Necessity
3) Scouting, May 8th
4) Graduate
5) Building Blocks
6) Song For Chris
7) Scaling Montana
8) To You...

-I Feel Alive Today-

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