Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Equation Of State - "Exploded View"

This post is about a band I know very little about. My buddy Sean, who I've probably mentioned a dozen times already on this blog, picked up this cd somewhere during his travels circa 2000* (the original Siren Records in Doylestown, maybe?), and we were both pretty glad that he did. Equation Of State was a five piece emo/hardcore band that hailed from Halifax, the provincial capital city of Nova Scotia, Canada. They existed from ??? to ???, and this disc, from what I've been able to deduce over the years, is the only thing they put out. It was released in 1998 by fellow Halifax native Rich Lafortune, who played guitar in a band called The Chitz, which was active for a few years during the mid-90s.

Are you into somewhat spazzy, highly energetic emo that is reminiscent of bands such as Griver, Ambassador 990, Kurt, The Republic of Freedom Fighters and maybe a Receiver / Future Isms-era Milemarker, before they got all sassy and shitty? Take some time to cook all of that rock goodness down and then add a dash of fuckin' early Frodus to the boil? Oh yeah? Well, this album is probably going to be right up your alley then, friend.

Socially conscious lyrics, an overall raw, tone-y recording that is full and clear when it needs to be, Canadian heritage, a healthy amount of groove parts, personal writings, just the right extent of dirtyblah blah blah. It eventually adds up to a pretty solid full length.This was recorded in the basement of someone named Mike Canato's house during July 1998, and is Subprofit Records #3. "My Suggestion Is You Fuck Off" is a total banger, y'all.

* He also took these pictures and did an overall good job. Nice work, guy...V Street soon?

1) clay and mortar
2) my suggestion is you fuck off
3) self-fulfilling prophecy
4) appeal to reason
5) kill the whistle blowers
6) anamnesis
7) ridiculous notion
8) spiral jetty
9) giving up
10) anti-clockwise
11) new beginning
12) cure for cancer

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  1. First off: great blog! Lots of great shit on here. Second: I've heard of this record but haven't actually heard it. Having grown up in Nova Scotia I went to a lot of shows, lots of which had bands featuring Equation of State's members. Reading the liner notes, I'm seeing lots of familiar names. Not sure how interested you are, but what the hell, here goes:

    Jon Hutt was in weirdo art-punk band The Motes.

    Mackenzie Ogilvie was in excellent screamo/emo/whatever band The Plan, which put out two phenomenal records (This Time is Not This Place, Only These Movements Remain).

    While not members of EOS, Mike Catano was in The Plan, as well as North of America with engineer J. Lapointe (the other half of The Motes).

    Charles Austin ran the studio where some of this was recorded, and played in The Superfriendz, whose Mock Up Scale Down is one of my favourite records of all time.

    Sorry if that's overkill, I just don't get to to drop my nerdy, painfully region-specific knowledge very often.

    Thanks for this!


    1. K,
      Glad you dug this post, and thanks a ton for all of the info! Your Nova Scotia knowledge is most welcome here, and I think it added a lot to my original post, considering I knew very little about this rad band. Thanks for the kind words, too!

      Have a great day - Matt / C.O.M