Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Corrin - "Despair Rides on Angel Wings" 7"

Metalcore kids take note: this is an early Hydra Head release by five dudes from Providence, Rhode Island called Corrin. Corrin never achieved the same success as other like-minded New England metal / hc bands such as Overcast or Converge, but that doesn't mean anything you should skip over this two-songer. Along with this 7", they did a split with another frequently passed-over metallic band named Arise, who didn't sound like Sepultura, unfortunately, but did hail from Massachusetts, so you basically knew that they really liked metal.

I've gotta give this band some credit, while they weren't nearly as good as Disembodied, Morning Again, For The Love Of... or the bands mentioned earlier, I'd definitely give Corrin a fair go if the style is/was your thing, 'cause it's better than your average evil, metalcore 90s hc band. With a solid recording, a good layout (designed by a member of Converge, mind you), and absolutely scathing, straight forward lyrics like "A lifeless figure laying before my eyes, calling out my name. Guilt fills my mind, if only I had compromised", you should know precisely what you're in for.

These songs were recorded in January 1996 at Samson Studios in Tiverton, RI by Keith Souza, who also was responsible for the first Cable full length. The matrix of the vinyl is inscribed with "What is this that stands before me..." on side 7, and continues with "...figure in black, which points at me..." on Side 77. Works for me. This record is 666-02. Praise Jeebus!

1) Lifeless
2) Wintersouls

- side 7, followed by side 77 -

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  1. Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage was the vocalist for this band, I believe....