Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Standpoint 7"

This 7" is comprised of three awesome melodic hardcore songs with amazing female vocals, courtesy of Standpoint, who hailed from the Jersey Shore. My first experience with this band was seeing them play in 1995 in Princeton, NJ with Mouthpiece at the Arts Council, which was an awesome place to see bands play. They had released a demo at this point, which I still have never heard, and this ep was still in the process of being released. The record gives us an excellent combination of chugga-chugga hardcore and, as noted earlier, beautiful vocals. I remember Standpoint getting compared to Ashes left and right, and while this contrast may be somewhat accurate, it wasn't entirely so. It was a good place to get an idea of what Standpoint was bringing to the table, though, even though I always thought they were better than Ashes.

Standpoint went on to release a full length on Smorgasbord Records in 1996, which also ruled. They appeared on a few compilation cd's as well, and that was that. I remember reading in an interview with the band that Reilly (the vocalist) and Steve (the drummer) were dating, so I'm not sure if that came into play as to why the band broke up. Regardless, both this 7" and the Whatever full length were great, so check it out if you dig female-fronted hardcore with less emphasis on "hard" and more on "emotion". This is my favorite out of the two releases.

This 7" was the first release from New Jersey's Spiritfall Records, yet another great 90s d.i.y. label. Also, peep my sweet Standpoint long sleeve...there's a robot on the back! Yes, that's the band's name below the fabulous artwork. No, it's not for sale.

-making my insides quiver watching you just shiver in front of me-

1) Blindsided
2) At A Loss For Words
3) Plant The Seeds

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