Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fadeaway cd

Here is the self-titled release by Buffalo's Fadeaway, whose lineup included past and future members of Despair, Envy, Slugfest, Snapcase, and Terror. It was released on Conquer The World Records in 1994, and features more examples of the label's signature shitty artwork. What the fuck is going on with the front cover of this disc, Mike Warden, is that an asteroid? Is that figure on the lyric sheet supposed to be a zombie, perhaps a mummy? Whatever, man.

Regardless, here are six songs of mid-90s *new school* hardcore for you. In my opinion, this stuff isn't anywhere near as good as Slugfest, Despair or the 'case when they were at their peak, but probably worth a listen if you are/were into any of those bands. Recorded at Border City Recording, the same place where Cannibal Corpse's "Hammer Smashed Face" and Baphomet's "The Dead Shall Inherit" were put to tape, for anyone else who listens to old school death metal.

This record is CTW#006.


1) Endless
2) Drift
3) Scar
4) Graven Image
5 Shame
6) Before My Eyes

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  1. The cover was was photo from a magazine that the band provided me. The rest of the assembly was by Dave from Oversight. This is a REAL strong piece, "Before my Eyes" probably one of the best songs of the period in my opinion. - 20 years later - Mike CTW