Wednesday, July 6, 2016

V/A - "In Our Blood" compilation cassette

This tape comprises the only effort I've ever seen released by random 90's hc label Reform Records, which hailed from Mount Holly, New Jersey. There are indeed some notable bands that make an appearance here: Overcast, Conviction, Converge, Blindside, and pre-Autumn band Forethought to name a few. The best tracks have always been in my opinion the first two, which are the Conviction and Knockdown contributions. A close third would be "Mean Streets" from the influential Philly metal powerhouse Starkweather, who ruled.*  I very distinctly remember listening to to this tape during the bus ride to high school in the morning and just rewinding it to re-listen to both songs again right after "Engulf" ended.

Contrasting the abundance of information usually found within the layouts of many comps that came out during this time period, In Our Blood gives you absolutely jack shit, and you'll just have to deal with it. In case you think I'm making stuff up, I've conveniently included a picture of the blank inner part of the card stock cover for you to check out during your free time.

Some years after it's initial release, this comp was later pressed on vinyl by an Italian label called SOA, from which this rip was culled. I'm still not sure how Edgewise was left off of this compilation, folks, as this would be a perfect fit given the geographical locations for most (if not all) of these bands.

This tape was RR-1, and saw the light of day circa 1994^.

                      right? i mean, c'mon.

*I dunno though, that Strait Up song is pretty dope too.
^I think, but it could very well have been 1993 or 1995. I honestly don't know what I'm talking about, so let's just go with '94, y'all. Cool? Cool.

1) Conviction - "Peering Into Darkness"
2) Knockdown - "Engulf"
3) Firefly - "Infidelity"
4) Converge - "Savior Salvation"
5) Introspect - "Savior"
6) Overcast - "Iconoclasm"
7) Blindside - "Devotion"
8) Mode - "Control"
9) Forethought - "Sacred"
10) Starkweather - "Mean Streets"
11) Soulstice - "Know"
12) Strait Up - "Chastise"
13) Disregard - "Look Away (live)"

-carrying the weight of this world on my fucking broken back-

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  1. I just saw this ad in Tension Building Fanzine #1 and googled it to download. Hopefully this dl works with my Mega app! Thank you good sir!