Thursday, July 23, 2015

Scout - "Tomato" 7"

Sorry it's been about five weeks since my last post, but I'm a college student these days and I've been enjoying my summer off so, you know, there you go. Some shit I've done since my last post: my special-ladyfriend and I went to Curaçao and drank way too may frozen margaritas, daiquiris, and drinks swirled with the ubiquitous blue / red / green / orange curaçao than we'd care to admit. We also spent too much time doing not a goddamn thing other than sitting on the beach or snorkeling, making friends with multi-colored fish. Moving on from that, I've been brewing tons of beer in our basement, and I've been losing games of bowling I certainly shouldn't have (fuck YOU, Seen Baker!). Anyways, Sean and I are going to see Chokehold play a bunch of songs tomorrow night,and they probably don't feel the same way about those songs that they did twenty years ago, so that's pretty exciting. Somehow, I never saw them the first time around, and the overall the experience should be slightly not as good as this, which I am still kicking myself in the dick for not hearing about, nor attending. Morning Again is also playing, who should probably just play the jams from "The Cleanest War" and their first Immigrant Sun Records 7", and then leave the stage immediately.

ANY FUCKING WAY, this post is about a rad, underrated band from the Atlanta area named Scout. This two song 7" was released by the much aforementioned Moo Cow Records in 1995. These songs were recorded in February of the same year at Sleepless Nights, which was operated by a gentleman named Issa Diao, a few years before he moved north to D.C. and helped start the now (probably) infamous Good Clean Fun.

Here we have a slightly post-hc, in an Unwound or (even more so) Fabric sort-of-way. From what I understand, there was a lot of member "turnover" throughout the history of Scout, including none other than Steve Wishart who played in Car Vs Driver, as well as (at one, early point) Pennsylvania's own Fields Lay Fallow, who were basically better than everybody else circa 1998. Wishart also ran Lunchbox Records, which eventually wound up moving to North Carolina and wound up becoming an important d.i.y. venue in Charlotte circa 2006. Oh yeah, he also released a Bukkake Boys (nicest dudes) record somewhat recently as well as the Inkwell / Hal Al Shedad split your collection is probably missing, much to your chagrin. More relevant to this particular post; Lunchbox released the Freemasonry / Scout split 12" entitled "Familiarity is Friendly, but not Something I Care to Know" previous to the release of this two song 7".

It's good, its rocking, it's 90s Peach State emocore history. Certainly recommended if you enjoy way more popular bands like Sparta or And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead... but were always afraid of checking out quality, passionate, and/or introspective hardcore.

Moo Cow number ten, yo, and recommended by yours truly.

Damn the Hand

1) Tomato (Asylum)
2) Economics Part I and II (Slalom Through Interpretational Milestones)

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